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  • Aluminum Alloy Air Knife
  • Aluminum Alloy Air Knife
  • Aluminum Alloy Air Knife

Jieming Aluminum Alloy Air Knife RTAL-50

product description
Jieming aluminum alloy air knives have the greatest advantage which is that going through adjustable outlet the air flow can be more stable and energy-saving.
Model: JMAL-50
Air inlet size: 50mm(diameter)
Adapter : Raetts high speed centrifugal blowers
Opening gap width: 0.2-3mm
Air knife length: 100-3000mm
Speed: up to 400m/s
Highest pressure resistance: 5kgf / cm2
Highest temperature resistance: 250 ℃
Material: Aluminum alloy

Jieming aluminum alloy air knives consist of round inlet, wide and straight tunnel , flow distribution plate, gradually narrow tunnel and flat and narrow tunnel.  Learnt from German workmanship and manufactured by German machines, the tunnel can be adjustable, of small air friction and little pressure loss and widely used in ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning machines, and dehydration and drying of circuit board, electroplate, film, coating, nonferrous metal board/wire/sheet and other related materials and industries. Moreover, they are also utilized in the barrierless isolation of harmful gases, dust, hot and cold air, drying after printing, heating and thawing of food and medicine, and high temperature sterilization.
Jieming Aluminum Alloy Air Knife Feature
1.Available in extruded aluminum alloy 6061, Jieming air knives are more reliable and energy-saving with higher precision and stronger air flow.
2.Specially designed structure with less air friction, giving a continuous and uninterrupted air flow whose precision can reach ± 5%.
3.Adjustable opening-gap width ranges from 0.3 to 3mm.
4.Customized air knives length up to 6 meters.
5.Optional inlet specification and positions to fit different kinds of bolt or hose connections, which makes the installation much easier.
6.It can withstand the highest air speed of 400m / s, the highest temperature resistance up to 250 ℃, the highest pressure resistance up to 5kgf / cm2.
7.Can be used with Jieming high speed centrifugal blowers, Jieming high pressure blowers.

Aluminum Alloy Air Knife