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  • Direct drive turbo centrifugal blower
  • Direct drive turbo centrifugal blower

Direct Drive Turbo Centrifugal Blower Explorer-100 7.5Kw

product description
Direct drive turbo centrifugal blower General Description:
Jieming Explorer Series Super Blowers provide unparalleled performance of other similar energy-saving high-speed blowers. It is designed with Jieming advanced aerodynamic technology and ternary flow theory. We have redesigned the impeller and channel to save more than 30% of power compared with the same kind of energy-saving high-speed centrifugal blowers. At the same time, it has the following characteristics.
Direct drive turbo centrifugal blower Features:
1.Higher Efficiency (Up to 85%)
Under the same energy consumption and pressure, the air volume of the Explorer Super Blower is more than 30% higher than that of the similar energy-saving high-speed centrifugal blower.
2.Lower Energy Consumption
The pressure flow generated by the EXPLORER -100 7.5KW can replace the JM-AT-100 11KW, which means that the customer can save 25,000 degrees per year on the basis of the original energy saving.
3.Longer Service Life
Drive directly with high-speed motor inverter, no other spare parts such as belts , tensioner system, etc., with higher stability and longer service life.
4.Wider Applicability
The size and weight are only half of the belt drive series high-speed centrifugal blower, which is more convenient to install and transport. You can choose European standard IE3 or IE4 blushless motor high efficiency motor. The special model can bearing temperatures of 200 0C and the inhalation steam vapor can still operate smoothly.
5.Unparalleled Control System
The Explorer Series Super Blowers are equipped with a control system independently developed by Jieming, which can be used to monitor the speed, frequency, voltage, current and temperature of the blower operation through the mobile APP. In addition, the APP can also achieve fault alarm and remote switch, and the 24-hour running state of the blower is under control.
Product Packages:
Wooden Packaging
Product Performance Parameter Diagram: