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  • High Speed Centrifugal Blower
  • High Speed Centrifugal Blower
  • High Speed Centrifugal Blower

High Speed Centrifugal BlowerJM-AT-150 18.5KW

product description

Jieming high speed centrifugal blower adopts the world’s leading fluid dynamics principle, and inspired by airplane turbo system ,Jieming high speed centrifugal blower is featured by super low energy consumptions, huge pressure and great air flow. Therefore this centrifugal blower can reach 13000 to 28400 RPM.

Model Power Stage Max Air flow Max Pressure Max Vacuum Weight
JM-AT-70  5.5KW  1 Stage  1200 m3/h  241 mbar 224 mbar  93 kgs
JM-AT-85  7.5KW  1 Stage  1444 m3/h  259 mbar 224 mbar 105 kgs
JM-AT-100  11KW  1 Stage  1700 m3/h  241 mbar 220 mbar 130 kgs
JM-AT-100  15KW  1 Stage  1700 m3/h  250 mbar 230 mbar 138 kgs
JM-AT-150  15KW  1 Stage  2124 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 150 kgs
JM-AT-150  18.5KW  1 Stage  2124 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 165 kgs
JM-AT-200  22KW  2 Stage  3400 m3/h  241 mbar 224 mbar 198 kgs
JM-AT-300  22KW  2 Stage  4248 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 200 kgs
JM-AT-300  30KW  2 Stage  4248 m3/h  290 mbar 270 mbar 223 kgs

High speed centrifugal blower Features:

1.Lower energy consumption

Driven by European IE2/IE3 motor(also used by Siemens and ABB), Jieming centrifugal blower can improve power energy up to 80% compared with side channel blower, efficiency up to above 95%.

2.Large air flow

Perform with the theory of airplane turbo, Jieming high speed centrifugal blower can up to 13,000 to 28,000 RPM. Therefore, a AT-85 7.5KW high speed centrifugal blower can reach 25Kpa pressure and 1444 m3/h air flow, which is 2 times larger than side channel blower(side channel blower is featured by 530m3/h air flow).

3.Long operation life

Jieming has learnt from German fluid dynamics and German craftsman’s spirits. To supply customers with the most reliable centrifugal blowers, Jieming engineers have designed every spare part with great practicability and aesthetics. Each spare parts and materials are supplied ,designed, developed by leading manufactures.

4.Cost – effective

Jieming air knife system has a fast return on investment, which can increase the production efficiency of 2-3 times and save more than 60% power, helping companies to reduce costs and stand out from the competition.

5.100% warranty

Jieming offer customized air knife system with energy saving, high efficiency and high production efficiency according to each customer, Jieming is able to help customer design and customize energy-saving and highly efficient air knives system according to on- site examination and actual production line, Raetts are confident that we can 100% satisfy our customers.

Product Packages:

Main Blower Unit x 1

filter x 1

Product Packing:

Vertical Type:
Product Dimension:  59.6 x 48.2 x 71.8 cm
Product Weight: 165 kg
Wooden Packaging Dimension: 61.6 x 50.2 x 77.8 cm (0.241 CBM)
Wooden Packaging Weight: 195 kg
Horizontal Type:
Product Dimension: 63.5 x 71.5 x 49.5 cm
Product Weight: 165 kg
Wooden Packaging Dimension: 65.5 x 73.5 x 55.5 cm (0.267 CBM)
Wooden Packaging Dimension: 195 kg

High Speed Centrifugal Blower