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We should consider an important thing before installing the air foil bearing turbo blower, it is the installation site. If the installation site is not suitable, then it will lead to a decline in its shelf life and performance effect.

Before installation, the surrounding environment must be examined, the following is the relevant matters that should be considered before installation of the air blower.

The ideal operating temperature for the product is between 0°C and 40°C. If the temperature of the installation site continues to drop below 0°C, install an air blower in a place where it with heating.

Install the air blower in a relatively clean and dry indoor area. It is best to have enough space to ensure air circulation. Do not install the air blower outdoors, in places where you can contact rain, snow and a lot of moisture. If you must install it outdoors or in a small space, please consult the JIEMING Manufacturer for advice before installation.

In order to ensure maintenance space and smooth air circulation, the installation of The JIEMING air aeration blower should be at least 1 meter away from the wall or from other products.

Avoid installation of air blower in the following places, if you can not avoid it, please be sure to consult the RAETTS manufacturer first.

Where there is a lot of salt in the air.

Where there are many corrosive gases in the air.

Where there is a lot of dust or sand in the air.

If the humidity is too high, corrosion or leakage of electricity may occur in the operating area, so avoid places with moisture.

Avoid being in flammable and explosive gases.


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