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Pressure relief valve

product description

Pressure relief valve is one of the special parts of high pressure blower, used to release the excess pressure.


To protect the high-pressure fan to prevent the fan idling to produce high temperature burn the motor protection device!


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Pressure relief valve installation principle: installed in the suction and outlet, when the pressure exceeds the pressure set by the high pressure fan, or high pressure fan pressure fluctuations over the set value, the relief valve in 0.2 seconds, all open immediately , The pressure will be released through the air flow, which play a role in protecting the high-pressure fan, when the pressure inside the high-pressure fan down to the safety value, the valve slowly closed, will not cause the second high-pressure fan pressure fluctuations. Plastic, internal steel mesh, acid and moisture corrosion.


RV-01 series relief valve adjustment value of 0-300mbar,

RV-02 series relief valve pressure adjustment value of 0-600mbar.

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