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Air bearing turbo centrifugal blower for sewage treatment

product description

1.Ultra-high Permanent Magnet Core Technology
Explorer Series permanent magnet synchronous motors have a high efficiency of over 95% and have good cooling effects, unlike other general motors. With 15 years of motor design experience, we have developed the world’s most efficient and stable PM MOTOR permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor.
2.Air Bearing Technology
100% pure oil-free suspension bearing, no mechanical friction, service life can reach semi-permanent. No mechanical noise, no mechanical vibration, simply conveying air. Since 2000, it has been widely used in large and medium-sized industrial machinery. Compared with oil bearing, its simple structure can start stably at high temperature. It has the best suspension ability in permanent magnet high-speed motor and does not need a complex sensor system.
3.Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Impeller
Explorer Series uses high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy impeller, designing precision can reach 0.001 mm to ensure high efficiency of operation, surface treatment using hard anode and other treatment methods can also maintain high efficiency in a harsh environment.
Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy is very light and suitable for the high-speed rotation of air suspension bearings.

4.Unique Motor Cooling Technology
Explorer Series motors use a second stage cooling structure system for better cooling and stability. The first stage is air-cooled inside the motor, and the second stage is effectively cooled in the air bearing assembly and stator. This powerful two-stage cooling system is constructed in our motor without additional auxiliary cooling equipment (externally connected forced cooling fan, etc.).
5.Second-stage compression technology
The pressure below 1.2kg adopts one-stage air compression technology, and the pressure between 1.2kg and 4kg adopts second stage air bearing compression technology, which has very high efficiency.



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