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  • Jieming Ring Air Knives
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Jieming Ring Air Knives

product description


JIEMING  air wipes are also known as round air knives, ring air knives, air scrubbers, air ring scrubbers.

JIEMING  air wipe is an equipment that is used for providing blowing off,drying, cleaning and cooling for pipe, cable, extrusion products, hose or other products,and it provides uniform 60 °annular air flow.

The air wipe consists of two air knives connected by two curved hinges. It consumes a small amount of air, but it produces a powerful blow-off force.



1. Compressed air must be dry, oil-free gas, otherwise, it will affect the life and performance of the air wipes.

2. Five micro-level movable exhaust air filters should be selected, and 0.3 micro-level oil filters should be selected and should be installed as close as possible to the product.

3. Minimize the distance of the gas source, If it is far away, it should be connected by G1/2 pipe, and the distance of 30 meters or more should be connected by G1 air pipe.

4. Compressed air pressure should be 0.55-0.69 Mpa.

5. If the performance of the air knife is greatly reduced, please send it back to our company for testing.

6. When the flow rate of the air pressure and the blowing force are decreased, the common reasons are: the compressed air pipe diameter is too small, the gas path is installed with an airflow limit, and the filter is clogged, etc.