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2JM410 Side Channel Blower Air Pump Ring Blower for wastewater treatment

product description

Functional features                                                                 

  JMET Blower’s Blade and Cover: made of die-cast aluminum ADC12.
  JMET Blower’s Bearing: continuously works 130000 hours without any lubricating and maintenance.
  Die-cast aluminum alloy housing.
  Both 50Hz and 60Hz available.
  Dual-usage: Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
  Low noise and libration.
  Easy installation.

β˜† Air Knife Cleaning and Drying System
β˜† Air Coating; Spraying System
β˜† Ultrasonic Washing and Cleaning Equipment
β˜† PCB & PCBA Cleaning and Drying
β˜† Plating Cleaning and Drying; Plating Aeration
β˜† Pneumatic Conveying system; Central Conveying & Feeding System
β˜† Central Vacuum Cleaning System; Dust Cleaning and Collections System
β˜† Dust-Free Plant; Dental Fluid Suction / Collection
β˜† Hopper Agitation; Hopper Loader / Vacuum Loader
β˜† Vacuum & Turbo Lifting; Material Handling and Conveying
β˜† Vacuum Filling Equipment; Bottling drying system
β˜† Distillery Plants; Desalination Plant
β˜† Stocking Knitting Machine; Textile Machine
β˜† Printing Machine; Paper Transporting
β˜† Soil Remediation; Sewage Treatment; Water Treatment
β˜† Packaging Machine; Wood-working Machine
β˜† Agriculture Field; Fish Farm; Aquaculture
β˜† Tank Aeration; Swimming Pool; Spa Pool 
β˜† Cooling for Molding; CNC Table
β˜† Food Processing; Milk Suction Equipment
β˜† Hospital Pneumatic Tube System
β˜† Ozone or Vapor Extraction